Friday, August 8, 2008

Highway Tumble Doesn't Stop Welder Loose Trailer

Highway Tumble Doesn't Stop Welder.(Brief Article)

A suspension failure caused the trailer Paul Goodwin was towing to tip over. His nearly new Hobart Champion 10,000 generator/welder broke loose from its mounts on a barge carried by the trailer.

"The machine literally tumbled end-over-end down the road at 50 miles per hour," says Goodwin, who is president of a marine construction company called Watermark Navigation Systems. "It flipped over at least four times. I obviously thought that I'd be buying a new machine."

Back at the shop, Goodwin removed the battered cover from the welder. Components looked good, so he started it up.

"The damage was all cosmetic," he says. Despite the dents and scratches, Goodwin continues to use the Champion 10,000 every day.

"One of these days I'll have to have the cover replaced," he says.

Sheet metal encloses the engine, protecting the engine components. The front bezel--a frame of engineered plastic like that used to make car bumpers--protrudes from the front panel and likely protected the controls

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Md. Crash Kills School Bus Driver Loose Trailer

Md. Crash Kills School Bus Driver

AP Online
Md. Crash Kills School Bus Driver

DERWOOD, Md. (AP) -- A trailer carrying a tractor broke loose from a farm truck and crashed into a school bus Friday, killing the bus driver and injuring four children, police said.

Three children were airlifted by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Washington and another child was taken away by ambulance, according to Montgomery County Police spokesman Derek Baliles.

A spokesman for Children's Hospital said a 5-year-old girl was listed in critical condition and a 5-year-old girl and 11-year-old girl were in serious condition. The condition of the fourth injured child was not immediately known.

The rest of the approximately 30 young children who had been traveling home from school on the bus were being transported to another hospital to be checked for minor injuries and reunited with their parents.

Baliles said the driver of a farm truck carrying a tractor on a trailer lost control. The trailer separated from the truck and crashed int o the front of the school bus. The farm truck driver was also sent to a hospital with minor injuries.

The school bus driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Derwood is near Rockville, about 20 miles north of downtown Washington.

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